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  • Anita Bell

300 Sheets with Natural Dyes

Several years ago I received an order for 300 sheets of hand dyed tissue paper. It took me a week to paint and dry and then I stacked it up ready to send. The edges of the papers in the stack were beautiful and looked like landscapes. It was a good day and I took it outside to photograph and managed to capture some good shots. Later the best images were made into prints and printed onto watercolour paper for framing and also greetings cards.

Recently I was contacted by the same customer who asked if I could supply more and I got busy painting again.

I have been working to try to make my work more sustainable and new papers were added that have been coloured with teas and natural dyes from garden plants - Rosemary, Berberis, Nettles and Onion Skins. Turmeric, Chrysanthemum tea, liquorice tea and wild berry tea were also used. The colours from the natural dyes were very soft and blended together well.

Again I took photographs of the stacks of papers and I am very pleased with the results. These colours are seasonal and only available when these plants are growing in the garden. I am careful to use only prunings from the plant so as not to deprive any wildlife. Natural colours will also change every time and are subject to some fading but still remain beautiful.

Very pleased with the bright pink of the Berberis and the soft green from Nettles.

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