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  • Anita Bell

Transformations at the Bankside Gallery, London

Last year I took part in ‘Transformations’, a platform to showcase both the SDC and its members, promoting our charitable values, high standards of design, craftsmanship and innovation, and exemplifying the Society’s heritage and transformation to the world of modern-day craft. Alongside the exhibition there was a host of discussions, demos, co-hosted evenings etc. to showcase what Society membership can offer today.

The Exhibition: To demonstrate the amazing depth and breadth of SDC members’ talents, a different approach was taken to this exhibition. Every member of the Society was invited to showcase a single piece of their work which reflects their high standard of design and craftsmanship.

My piece called Morning Dress was included in the exhibition. Hand dyed paper using techniques of itajime shibori on plant paper and embroidery inspired by the myth of Persephone. 75cm wide x 118cm.

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