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  • Anita Bell

Camping in France and the wall paintings.

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Travelling through France on a camping trip, I noticed there were still a lot of hand painted advertising signs on the walls. Often faded, you had to try to decipher the writing and the soft, muted colours added to their charm.

I also picked up some old postcards and they formed the basis of my work for my second year at University.

Another highlight of the trip for me was a trip to the house of Pierre Loti in Rochefort.

The house of Pierre Loti

Painted and sketched scenes from our holiday were composed into a wall piece. The backing is calico and emulsion paint. The top layer is tissue paper, painted with watercolour and monoprinted to add texture, further stitched pieces were added to make postcards of our trip.

Photos to follow.

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