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  • Anita Bell

On the way to Japan

Autumn Bodice is an embroidered paper artwork that is part of a continuing series inspired by the story of Persephone and ideas about femininity, fragility and vulnerability.

The papers have been hand coloured with water colour and then stitched and beaded.

Over the past year I have been experimenting with a range of different papers and taking a more sustainable approach to all the materials I use. Working with plant papers like washi and mulberry has given my work a new direction. The softness of the paper means that as I stitch the paper becomes stronger and more fabric like and tensions in the thread forms the paper into sculptural shapes.

After painting watercolour on to folded papers the colours are left to blend and create interesting patterns for stitch. With a thin thread lines of stitch are overlaid like paint to build up depths of colour.

It has been selected to take part in the IAPMA Exhibition - Approach, due to take place from September to October.

This was to have been a congress with meeting of members of IAPMA, workshops, talks and tours planned to discover more about Japanese paper making techniques.

Sadly, although the congress events will be VIRTUAL this year there is an exciting programme planned and I am looking forward to learning more and meeting other paper artists from around the world. The good news is this exhibition will still take place in Toyota City, Japan from September to October.

You can find out more about IAPMA here -

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